To Educate :

"Education" - it results in civilization. Improves individual and national standards. It help employment grow and reduces corruption and crimes.

To Provide Food :

Education can buy empioyment which helps to gain healthy food, which is prime factor to survive.

To Spread Awareness About & Hygiene :

Human with good health and habits succeeds. Hygiene is important to keep an individual physically and mentally fit. As it is rightly said... "Cleanliness is next to godliness"...

To Promote Social Cultural Moral Values :

Though food, shelter, cloths is attained though education and employment, basic human values like respect, love, helping needy, religious values, prayers, etc. are equally important for an individual’s civilization.



"Being poor is not by choice, but by chance"
it is a state where a person lacks basic needs of food, shelter, cloth, etc. It is the major cause for crime, corruption, etc.



It is one of the prime cause for poverty.
Illiteracy leads to jobless ness indeed leading to individual & national growth.


Child Labour

"We born by labour, but not for child labour ...!!!"
Illegal and exploitative act on children in there tender age, depriving them of education, joy, love care, etc.