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Chiplun Flood relief By Making The Difference Team

Motive : To provide relief aid to flood affected areas in chiplun and neighboring villages

About : The Maharashtra Floods in July have truly caused havoc to cities in Konkan areas of Maharashtra and especially to cities like Chiplun. It had been confirmed that there were at least 300 people dead and hundreds who have been injured and displaced. Maharashtra had the worst floods in 40 years, with landslides, fallen structures, and rivers surpassing dangerous levels. A person in Chiplun claimed that these floods were known to be ‘ten times deadlier’ than a similar crisis that had struck Maharashtra in 2005. According to reports, at least eight COVID-19 patients hospitalised to a private hospital in Chiplun perished as a result of a power outage that shut down the oxygen equipment and prevented the generator from starting due to a lack of diesel.However, cries for help seemed to fall upon deaf ears as the water did not recede at all by July end. Residents claim that the Koyna Dam, which released millions of gallons of water, exacerbated the disaster in Chiplun.

Date : 25,July,2021, Time - 10 Days Campaign

Address : Chiplun