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Mumbai ki baaarish might evoke romanticism in Mumbaikars as well as non- Mumbaikars alike but the immediate consequences of it are anything but romantic. Water clogged roads, power cuts for periods indefinite, felling of trees coupled with accidents due to electrocution, lack of everyday amenities necessary for life are a yearly hassle that Mumbaikars have to grapple with which engenders public frustration. 

 Suburban areas especially those with temporary moveable settlements/ shacks/ slums are the worst hit during the monsoons. Houses made of flimsy materials like tins, cardboards, plastics, etc. which are used as a substitute for concrete materials like brick, cement, etc. are susceptible to collapsing under the impact of the heavy downpour. Sometimes roofs of such infirm houses blow off because of stormy winds exposing inhabitants of such houses to extraordinary dangers due to the calamities of nature. With miseries bourgeoning during this season, external assistance serves as the sole way of relief to these poor, marginalized communities residing in the outskirts of cities and towns in poorly constructed houses with ill infrastructural facilities. Thousands of people suffer from the after-effects of the monsoons in Mumbai. 


MTD has been instrumental in extending relief to victims of natural calamities. With our skilled volunteers, we reached the affected areas ensuring quick dispensation of services. We assisted the people in rebuilding their houses, fixing their roofs with tarpaulin, and reconstructing their walls making them habitable and safe to reside in. Further, rehabilitation and distribution of food and other essentials were also a part of our relief campaign. Needless to say, the benefits of our services have been reaped by hundreds of people and we are delighted to have made a difference in their lives.

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