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A pen is mightier than a sword

Almost 35 million children in India between 6-14 years of age do not attend school; one of the primary reasons why an incredibly high number of children (almost 12 million ) are inducted into evil practices like child marriage, bonded labour, child trafficking, etc. These practices are further stimulated by the uninformed citizenry comprising of illiterate individuals. When an illiterate child grows up, he/ she finds it difficult to cope with the challenges that life has in store for him/ her. Consequently, these individuals are willingly or unwillingly pushed into crime, prostitution, sex trafficking , substance abuse, smuggling, etc. anti-social activities

At Making The Difference, we believe that education has the potential to transform an individual in a way unique to it. Therefore, we have been adopting government schools to carry forward our vision of making education a right universally accessible to all. The schools are equipped with teaching aids which however need replacement. For example, the black board can be replaced with a green board, better infrastructural facilities can be installed, utensils for mid day meal scheme also need a replacement. A library has to be set up with a good collection of useful books. Also more number of teachers need to be hired to reduce the burden on a single teacher.