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Daily Wage Labourers : A Plea for the Plight

Almost when we thought our victory over the virus was ensured, did the resurgence of the deadly corona virus prove us wrong. While staying home and maintaining social distancing have proven to be effective in containing the contagion, the daily wage earners and the migrant labourers have been undoubtedly the worst affected community due to this continual lockdown

Afterall, how do you impress upon someone the importance of staying indoors when his/her family members are suffering due to lack of earning opportunities and inadequate means of survival?

Such is the plight of the poor and marginalized daily wage labourers of our country whose miseries have been augmented by the widespread devastation wrecked upon by the virus. The first wave of the pandemic bears testimony of the absolute heart wrenching conditions that these labourers had to undergo. This year with the virus, twice as powerful as the last year, better measures need to be ensured to help these families cope with these distressful times fraught with socio-economic difficulties.

At Making The Difference, we are constantly striving towards achieving the goals of distress reduction of these destitute families by providing them with an all round support. Last year we had distributed 2 times meal to more than 1,00,000 vulnerable families. This year with the effects graver and more widespread, we intend to increase the number manifold, advertently.

We, therefore, request you to stand by our side and help mitigate the plight of these indigent families.

Together, we can overcome this and emerge victorious.