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Mumbai. The city of dreams, the city that never sleeps. This city that is India’s financial capital is home to so many different people from so many different backgrounds. However, the heart and soul of Mumbai lies in the dabbawalas, street vendors, chowpati vendors, fisherfolk, and others who spend day and night working hard to support their families - usually with a smile on their faces. They keep this busy, vibrant city running. Without them, Mumbai would not be the place it is. 

However, today, these very people are struggling to survive. The daily wagers and migrant labourers are among the worst affected bythe pandemic, and their challenges are only increasing with each day. The second wave has left several homeless, jobless and helpless. During these times, even a handful of food is hard to come by for them.

Founded by Mr. Deepak Vishwakarma in 2014, Making The Difference is a Mumbai based NGO that aims to improve the quality of life for the underprivileged through nutrition, healthcare and education. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, their efforts have only increased.
Making The Difference has been relentlessly working to provide every kind of help during this pandemic. They have helped distribute 7000 grocery kits to the murtikars and over 40750 kits to the Dabbawalas of Mumbai last year. This year, they have been working closely with all public hospitals and nursing homes to provide them with life-saving healthcare equipment and supplies, to cope with the significant stress on the hospital system.

Through their initiative, Oxygen Connect, they have set up 85 oxygen centers in 4 states Maharashtra , Goa, Uttar Pradesh & Gujarat. They’ve given 200+oxygen cylinders, 350+ oxygen concentrators and 250+ hospital beds to those inneed. 
Now they want to save the daily wagers of Mumbai from starving due to the crisis. After losing their loved ones and their only source of income, these labourers have nothing left.
Thousands Are Starving In Mumbai, You Can Help Them

“The situation we’re currently in is horrifying. It’s nothing less than an apocalypse. People have no access to even basic necessities. It’s more difficult for the lower-income group people. They’re suffering and they need our help now more than ever!” - Gopal Raithatha, Project Head, Making the Difference

Making The Difference is determined to bring back the spirit of Mumbai and help those who need it the most right now. However, they need your support to give the daily wagers grocery kits. These groceries will help them cook fresh and nutritious meals during these difficult times and ensure that their families don’t go hungry.

Your contribution can help thousands of daily wagers during some of the toughest times they’ve been through. Every grocery kit can save a family’s life in Mumbai. Let’s come together and save the heart and soul of Mumbai.