Event - 08 : Kandivali GAS Blast Relief

Motive : Little Help to Needy Victims

About : A cylinder blast shattered lives of many and snatched several lives but the survivals still smile and are fighting the situation...yes its about the kandivali blast that took place last week. Thousands have gone homeless, hunger, thirst and shelter are haunting. A pitiful scenario.. But pity is not the solution to relieve them.. Hence our organization "MAKING THE DIFFERENCE FOUNDATION & SHREE VISHWAKARMA SAMAJ CHARITABLE TRUST". Came forward to offer these needy, hence distributed biscuits.. We request all the readers to come ahead and help them.. It was not their fault.. Pls help...... Heartiest Thanks to our Donors:- Mr.Kailash & Mr. Ramsingar Mr. Anil Vishwakarma Miss. Dwiti Mehta Miss Manjusha Shrestha Mr. Arvind Sharma Mr. Radheshyam Vishwakarma Mr. Heera Vishwakarma Mr. Ravi Vishwakarma Mr. Gyani Vishwakarma Mr. Nandlal Vishwakarma Mr. Sujeet vishwakarma Mr. Kanahiyalal vishwakarma Miss Apurva Tajanpure Mr. Chetan Suthar Mr. Rakesh Vishwakarma Mr. Pankaj Dubey Mr. Sandeep Vishwakarma Mr. Vikas Vishwakarma Mr. Paras Vishwakarma Mr. Ranjeet Vishwakarma Mr. Meet

Date : 13,December,2015, Time - 02:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Address : Damu Nagar, Kandivali (east), Mumbai- 400101.



"Being poor is not by choice, but by chance"
it is a state where a person lacks basic needs of food, shelter, cloth, etc. It is the major cause for crime, corruption, etc.



It is one of the prime cause for poverty.
Illiteracy leads to jobless ness indeed leading to individual & national growth.


Child Labour

"We born by labour, but not for child labour ...!!!"
Illegal and exploitative act on children in there tender age, depriving them of education, joy, love care, etc.