Event - 03 : Kids Monsoon Festival

Motive : Awareness bonding between privileged and Under privileged kids, to embibe a sense of Humanity, with the help of creativity & Games.

About : July 19th 2015 A grand festive for kids filled with fun & frolic organized by MTD. An open event for all the children with our NGO kids. The event schedule we began with prayer (Itani shakti hame dena data ) to embibe regious values providing breakfast for some energy and then a little warm up to gear up for some games. Proceeding we had lunch for all the kids. Further we had an art and craft activities i.e. pot and plantation. A duo of creativity with a social message of saving nature that also teaches them values like caring nurturing etc. last but not least, children had a blast with a magic show to end, we had goodie bags and winning prizes. In this event we were encouraged by the spectators Miss Anisha Arolkar & Mr. Santosh Gupta with monitory contributions. Mr. & Mrs. Parekh, Parents of one of the participants who were overwhelmed to see their child involved creatively and also see our efforts towards the underprivileged children, sponsored gifts for all the kids by their happiness. Hence our heartiest thanks to them.

Date : 19,July,2015, Time - 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

Address : Vardhaman Fantasy Garden, Mira road East, Thane 401107.



"Being poor is not by choice, but by chance"
it is a state where a person lacks basic needs of food, shelter, cloth, etc. It is the major cause for crime, corruption, etc.



It is one of the prime cause for poverty.
Illiteracy leads to jobless ness indeed leading to individual & national growth.


Child Labour

"We born by labour, but not for child labour ...!!!"
Illegal and exploitative act on children in there tender age, depriving them of education, joy, love care, etc.