Event - 13 : Campaigning for Education

Motive : Awareness regarding the opportunity MTD Foundation is offering for education.

About : A campaign is any series of actions or event that are meant to achieve a particular goal. Awareness was the most important purpose of campaigning to absorb more children for education, which our foundation is offering in the rural with extra curriculum activities.

Date : 24,January,2017, Time - 07:00 am to 01:00 am

Address : Village - Tarapur Post - Udaypur, Thana- Cholapur, Zilla- Varanasi



"Being poor is not by choice, but by chance"
it is a state where a person lacks basic needs of food, shelter, cloth, etc. It is the major cause for crime, corruption, etc.



It is one of the prime cause for poverty.
Illiteracy leads to jobless ness indeed leading to individual & national growth.


Child Labour

"We born by labour, but not for child labour ...!!!"
Illegal and exploitative act on children in there tender age, depriving them of education, joy, love care, etc.